A Tale of a Tech Enthusiast – Hear it from Haneez Haroon

Out on a mission to encourage our AppZone developers, hSenid Mobile began voicing out their stories via our YouTube channel (hyperlink) and a written testimonial.

This week, we feature Haneez Haroon, developer  of Tech News, Biz News, Cinema Updates to name a few. Haneez came on board the Etisalat AppZone developer bandwagon while reading for his final year at APIIT. He recalls developing his first application being possibly the hardest step in his journey as a mobile app developer but if “the resources and samples provided are utilized accurately developing apps is quite simple.”

Highlighting briefly on one his most successful apps “Tech News”, Haneez explains that as a technology enthusiast, he too spends a lot of time reading news and blogs related to technology. “I gained confidence in my application by realising that of the millions of subscribers Etisalat had, there would be at least a 1000 people who are like me.”

Speaking about his sources of inspiration, Haneez says, “When creating new apps, I would first browse the Android, iOS App Stores and make note of the top rated or top selling apps. I would try to replicate something on the same lines over here and it actually works.”

Haneez went on to say that developing through Etisalat AppZone, which is powered by hSenid Mobile’s Telco Application Platform has enabled him to develop mobile apps easily and faster as it is platform independent.

Moreover, he believes that once a developer is able to identify their niche, cultivate a market and tap the anticipated target audience, mobile application development becomes easier.

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