hSenid Mobile Internships

We are hMS

The driving force behind our success story is none other than our people. hSenid Mobile’s team comprises vibrant professionals geared to work in an intellectually stimulating environment, drawn by the opportunity to connect telcom operators to businesses.

We ensure to provide the necessary training and mentoring to all team players, for them to learn something new each day, which would contribute towards the upgrade of technology and their knowledge. Join us to learn and explore to advance your career. We have various opportunities for you to try out a preferred field to suit your education and experience.

If your preferred field is not listed below you can upload your resume here and let us know what you are looking for.

You can also contact our HR-team directly via e-mail: careers@hsenidmobile.com, by phone or send a message on WhatsApp: +94 770102558.

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