Software Engineer

(Test Automation)

hSenid Mobile Solutions is an International company with a proud history of 22 years with ofiices in Singapore, USA, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. We design and build innovative cutting-edge technology platforms which enable the digital transformation of businesses. Our solutions are used by leading Tele-communication, Banking & Financial institutions and Enterprises around the globe.


  • Bachelor’s degree in IT/Physical Science/ Computer Science/Industrial Statistics.
  • 1+ years of experience on relevant field

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Be a super problem solver and Open minded.
  • Identifying the UI/UX test scenarios.
  • Create the test script for Web UI or Mobile app load testing.
  • Knowledge on AWS device farm.
  • Help troubleshoot the issues and identify the root cause of issues.
  • Writing test scripts in Python or other scripting language.

Do you believe you are the right fit for the position?
Please submit your CV to  and quote “Software Engineer-Quality Assurance” in the subject line.