hSenid Mobile

hSenid Mobile Solutions has a proud history of 25 years of innovation and proven expertise. We design and build state-of-the-art, cutting-edge technology platforms which enable the digital transformation of businesses. Our solutions are used by leading Telecoms and Enterprises around the world. 

We have gained global recognition for providing dynamic Telco grade platforms, combining Telco APIs, Analytics and Signaling for Telecommunication Companies, resulting in greater convenience with better operational efficiency. Our enterprise communication platforms enable businesses to effortlessly create, use and manage diverse SMS and other real-time communication applications and so empower the business user.

Our advanced solutions and guaranteed service quality have enabled us to gain a healthy base of loyal customers. We strive to help our customers by opening up uncontested market spaces for rapid growth.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to bring digital transformation to businesses, fulfilment to their customers, and joy to hSenidians and their families for architecting the future through innovation.

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Our History at a Glance

A part of hSenid Software International, hSenid Mobile was founded in 1997 with the aim of supplying high quality software products and services to a global subscriber base. Starting with just three employees in one room, our reach now extends to every continent. 

We are globally renowned for the supply of secure, convenient and cost-effective mobile solutions for Telecoms, Banking and Finance Institutions, and Enterprises. With the extension of our sales and business development strategies, our systems handle nearly 50 million transactions per day, connecting over 300 million subscribers.

From Asia to Asia Pacific, Africa to Australia, and even America, we are the partner of choice for software solutions in multiple fields.

Way of Life

Our company is defined by a core set of values that prescribe our purpose. These values are our guide to achieving our goal of becoming a leading global organization. They act as our measure of success, inspiring and motivating us, as we serve our customers with confidence and pride.

Customer Oriented

Our objective is to deliver effective solutions, making optimal use of our skills and capabilities, so as to enable the success of our customers.


We are passionate about what we do and who we work with. We take pride in representing hSenid Mobile, proposing cutting-edge ideas and providing a futuristic perspective.

Deliver Excellence

Our aim at hSenid Mobile is to deliver the best quality solutions. By going the extra mile, we wish to provide our customers with outstanding service.


We will always remain down-to-earth by respecting our colleagues and customers, being receptive to feedback, apologizing for mistakes and recognizing the good in others.


We live by the principles of uprightness, truthfulness and honesty, thus maintaining strong moral principles that enable us to uphold the high standards of hSenid Mobile.

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Management Team

  • Dinesh Saparamadu
    Dinesh Saparamadu Chief Executive Officer
  • Jurgen Samuel
    Jurgen Samuel Member of the Board of Directors
  • Saman Kumara
    Saman Kumara Group Finance Director
  • Harsha Sanjeewa
    Harsha Sanjeewa Chief Technology Officer
  • Sayanthan Balathasan
    Sayanthan Balathasan Chief Business Development Officer
  • Thilina Anjitha
    Thilina Anjitha General Manager - Core Business
  • Roshni Hewamallika
    Roshni Hewamallika General Manager - CPaaS
  • Chirantha Pitigala
    Chirantha Pitigala General Manager - IT and Systems