Developer Self Care Portal on hSenid CPaaS

Enabling a Telco Developer Ecosystem

Developer Self Care Portal

hSenid CPaaS offers Telcos an effortless service creation platform to get developers on board by allowing them to exploit various business and entrepreneurship opportunities. Developers can capitalize on the Telco Network Assets and turn out multiple Telco apps.

Mashing up APIs

Mashing up APIs

Telco specialized API Management Platform with capabilities to maximally monetize Telco’s digital assets and enforce open innovation

Developer Portal

Developer Portal

Provides rich pool of resources including SDKs, User Guides, Simulators, etc. covering the entire app development life cycle

Simplified Payments

Simplified Payments

Facilitates diverse payment instruments enabling app creators multiple options to charge from consumers

End to-end Service Innovation

CPaaS offers Telcos an eco system of pre-built operator network centric applications, a vibrant developer community and creates a new breed of Telco Applications made available to the mass market through an exciting discovery mechanism.

CPaaS is offered to Telco Operators and aggregators as a service creation platform who can enhance the subscriber experience with innovative applications continuously being rolled-out and at a rapid time-to-market. This managed service can be integrated quickly, launched faster and can be scaled up as and when needed.

WebRTC with CPaaS

Enabling Telcos utilize their network assets in competitive communications

hSenid Mobile offers WebRTC as a Network Capability Service (NCS) available on CPaaS to incorporate creative business models and bring on board talented business app developers with high quality app concepts.

Though WebRTC may appear as a competitor, with WebRTC as a NCS on CPaaS, Telcos are able to use the technology in a unique way that truly brings in a wide range of benefits while enabling app creators to offer unique services to their customers, making lives easier and more enriched.

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