Soltura on CPaaS

Freedom for Anyone to Build Telco Applications

Non-Techies App Wizards

Soltura lets anyone build apps in a matter of minutes without any programming knowledge with the use of Web based wizards. The self-service creation environment brings in new revenues to Telcos by allowing anyone to create and launch their own SMS/USSD/WebRTC services.

Pre-build App Patterns

Pre-build App Patterns

Provides pre-built App patterns to create messaging applications in the likes of alerts, voting, etc using USSD/SMS services

Value Added Services

Value Added Services

A Wizard Based Platform that enables anyone to create Telco VAS applications via a web interface

Extensive Governance

Extensive Governance

Governance is in place to proactively stop inappropriate or abusive content spamming consumers

Service Innovation for All

hSenid Mobile pioneered Soltura, a solution which provides a simple set of tools/wizards for creating and managing different types of SMS based Telco applications. This revolutionary tool allows any user even without programming knowledge to define and build applications converging entertainment, information and communication to create their own pool of easy to use telco applications for their various needs.

Soltura has simplified reporting and monitoring features to evaluate Telco Applications’ performance through  user friendly dashboards  and wide variety of reports.

Soltura enables telcos to introduce an immense number of applications to their customers without incurring any high operational and capital expenditure while simultaneously creating numerous small revenue streams which will amalgamate to a large revenue pool.

WebRTC as an App Pattern

Enabling Telcos utilize their network assets in competitive communications

WebRTC app patterns available on Soltura facilitate rapid app creation with effective and efficient communication links between service providers and end users, where web and mobile interfaces are used collaboratively rather than as separate competing technologies.

WebRTC patterns on Soltura for Telcos create an exciting vibe for everyone within the community to create thousands of creative Telco applications and discover new revenues streams utilizing the Telco network.

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