Churn Management


Telcos around the world are facing challenging market conditions and revenue declines. Telcos experience high subscriber churn rates due to increasing competition from Over-The-Top (OTT) services and network congestion.

Effective churn management requires knowing a great deal about each of your individual subscribers—their interests, tendencies, and contribution to your bottom line maid service druid hills ga. To learn these Telcos require ongoing analysis of your subscriber’s historical and transactional data.

A Customer-Centric Approach to Improve Retention

CUBE offers advanced tools and machine-learning algorithms for customer churn prediction, up-sell targeting, product recommendations as well as unlimited segmentation criteria and micro profiling for exhaustive segmentation. Check swipe n clean. Our platform helps Telcos to visualize customer data, do usage and churn prediction with propensity models, execute tailored multi-channel campaigns and measure their impact.


Powerful Analytics to understand the subscriber

CUBE’s powerful analytics assists Telco to determine in real time the Next-Best-Action to take with regard to each individual customer. The analytics engine can ingest and analyze a variety of data types, as well as perform real time analysis of in-progress customer interactions. Also it properly consolidates, mines and cleanses customer data for more accurate analysis providing a panoramic view of each customer.

Flexible Rule Engine to provide customized user bound experience

The flexible rule engine applies configurable business rules to determine how best to precede with a particular customer,  and allow those decisions to be executed via personalized campaigns, which supports more targeted messaging, more satisfied customers and higher average revenue per user (ARPU).

An extensive Prediction Model to minimize churn

CUBE’s prediction model forecasts each customer’s life cycle by  comparing their behaviors with historical data patterns of previously churned customers allowing Telcos to take immediate actions that are done by philadelphia maid service. Also it predicts how each customer may react to a specific offer, the tendency to collect payments from subscribers and the tendency of a customer subscribing to a service offering etc.

Multi Channel Campaign Management (MCCM)

With CUBE’s advanced campaign management tools, marketers can easily configure segmented or personalized offers and campaigns that boost customer retention and customer lifetime value This will help drive more exceptional customer experiences and customer centricity to establish true differentiation from high competition.

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