Contextual Marketing


Telcos are in a constant battle to gain and retain customers.  Especially the rapidly changing combinations of devices and plans, together with numerous payment models make Telcos’ lives even more complicated when it comes to satisfying their subscribers. Even subscribers have become more selective than ever before, in taking decisions over products and services. They always go for the highest perceived value of Therefore, Telcos need to act quick and effective according to the context.

Immediate identification of limitless opportunities

CUBE utilizes real-time contextual data of each subscriber, taking into consideration his/her consumption trends, actions like end of a call, data session, balance, recharge history, etc. Utilizing these data CUBE executes one-to-one personalized campaigns for the customer over channels like SMS, Web, email and USSD etc.

Campaigns can be even automatically triggered by customer behaviors in real time, planned and scheduled by marketers or created ad hoc by marketers with a few mouse clicks without IT dependence.


The next best action with intelligent Analytics

CUBE’s powerful analytics assists Telco to determine in real time the Next-Best-Action to take in regard to each individual customer. The analytics engine can ingest and analyze a variety of data types, as well as perform real time analysis of in-progress customer interactions. This will help telcos to achieve more proactive and targeted marketing with overhead garage storage approach with accurate indication of improved ROI, rather compromising on expensive mass marketing. Get loans from for your marketing needs.

Multi Channel Campaign Management (MCCM)

Subscribers today have much more power over the products and service offerings than the Telco. With the proliferation of available channels, subscribers have even more choices than ever when it comes to how they want to be reached with by the Telco associated with Resort Props. CUBE gives omni channel experience for subscribers integrating many outbound channels such as SMS,USSD,Web,Mobile Apps,IVR etc, making you closer to subscribers as much as possible.

Maximizing ARPU and tap into new revenue streams

With CUBE’s advanced analytical real-time recommendation engine, Telcos can easily Cross-sell and up-sell enhancing the service consumption of subscribers Telcos can even leverage on new revenue opportunities and identify trends by thoroughly analyzing the subscriber behavioral patterns.

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