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The digital economy has empowered consumers to a new level of sophistication where they are now able to demand more of financial institutions. Consumers have access to information that allows them to compare financial service firms in order to choose which one best suits their needs. Banks have amassed important knowledge of their customers by way of historical data and this must be protected and mined to gain insights for strategic maneuvers.  Creating customer portfolios through the analysis, segmentation and profiling of this data will help banks make sharper decisions that will reap tangible benefits.

Data Analytics to Transform Financial Service Firms

CUBE recognises the value of digital data in providing a comprehensive understanding of customer behaviour and market dynamics. By aggregating different types of data from any data source it is able to create detailed customer profiles. These offer valuable insights that can propel targeted actions.


Attract and Retain customers

CUBE’s portfolio manager creates and maintains a steady record of consumer behavior patterns, providing an in-depth understanding of customers. In this way, banks can predict a customer’s next move and so offer the most appropriate services at The information available to the bank is very useful in developing an emotional connection with customers, thus strengthening ties and keeping them on board.

Cross-selling and Upselling

CUBE, with its state-of-the-art features, possesses the capability to leverage multiple channels to generate a steady stream of marketing opportunities for bank customers. The insightful customer profiles created by CUBE’s analytic capabilities enable relevant cross-selling, upselling and offer-based product introduction that increase customer perceived value. On the, our workers compensation lawyers will make sure your rights are protected after a workplace injury. In this manner banks can retain the patronage of their clients by encouraging multiple product holdings by an individual.

Advanced Data Analytics to Reveal Patterns, Trends and Correlations

Disrupt traditional decision-making by equipping an organization with knowledge and understanding to predict and prescribe business outcomes. CUBE’s advanced data analytics, machine learning and cognitive capabilities help banks to convert data into actionable insights.

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