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The digital economy has empowered consumers to a new level of sophistication giving them incomparable advantage of widening their expectations from financial institutions. Consumers are now using this information to compare financial service firms to choose what serves their best interest.  . Banks have amassed inherent knowledge of their customers by way of historical data, which must be protected and mined to gain insights for strategic maneuvers.  Analyzing, segmenting and profiling these data and creating customer portfolios help banks to arrive at strategic decisions on how to get higher ROI in their operations.

Data Analytics to Transform Financial Service Firms

CUBE provides a clear understanding of how digital creates value, granular perspectives on consumer behavior and market dynamics. The ability to create informative customer portfolios by aggregating different types of data from any data source flawlessly makes CUBE a powerful insight generator. Granular perspectives on customer profiles help banks to arrive at deep customer insights to execute series of actions.


Attract and retain customers

CUBE’s powerful analytic capabilities allow you to understand your customer better and make better connections with customers on a personal level. Understanding bank customers is the first step of to serving your customer what he needs. CUBE’s portfolio manager creates and maintains a steady record of consumer behavior patterns to help understand and predict customer’s next move,you should also help your customers if they show interest for banking in foreign countries. Banks have the unparalleled advantage of serving the right customer at right time with the right action. CUBE eventually helps retain and attract customers by making an emotional connection with them to arrive at solution based thinking than product pushing.

Cross selling and Upselling

Customers wish to have all information always at their fingertips, available through all possible channels. CUBE, with its state of the art features possess the capability to leverage multiple channels to generate a steady stream of marketing opportunities for bank customers. With CUBE’s precise analytical capabilities, banks will be able to understand the customer in depth to understand what exactly a customer need and what more a bank can do to increase customer perceived value by enabling cross selling and up selling, offer based product introducing and ultimately creating a higher customer perceived value. This type of cross selling is a highly effective to enhance customer life time value by encouraging multiple product holdings by an individual customer.

Advanced Data analytics to reveal patterns, trends and correlations

Disrupt traditional decision making by equipping your organizations with knowledge and insights to predict and prescribe business outcomes with CUBE’s Advanced analytics capabilities. CUBE’s big data analytics, machine learning and cognitive capabilities helps banks to convert data into actionable insights.

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