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Enterprises around the world are on high alert to deal with Churn, declining profits and constant downfall of customer spending due to number of reasons. Having a holistic view on their customer base with understanding on the trends and behavioral patterns or shifts would be the ideal resolution for enterprises to overcome these issues, how to remove teen porn addiction.  Even though most of enterprises are capable to provide various offerings and promotions in a mass scale, they are still struggling to provide a better, personalized customer service by addressing the exact customer need in a timely manner. This is mainly due to the inefficiencies in understanding the real customer. Therefore, enterprise must have a platform to achieve a panoramic view of customer experience to build a sustainable and competitive advantage. Subsequently this will open up a worthwhile opportunity for enterprises in monetizing their customer data through actionable insights to improve customer acquisition and manage/reduce retention. Get financial support from financerr for financial needs.

Advanced Analytics capability across Enterprises

CUBE, our state of the art Intelligent Analytics platform aids enterprises to consolidate millions of customer data into actionable insights, which will eventually help them to reduce churn and increase customer value. With modern capabilities of customer data aggregation, behavioral analysis and exhaustive customer segmentation with micro profiling techniques, CUBE helps enterprises to precisely execute timely actions on all customer touch points delivering a unique experience. With all these innovative features CUBE stands apart from your everyday analytics platform.


Advanced Analytics

CUBE’s descriptive analytics identifies and examines historical patterns in customers’ product and service consumption behavior helping enterprises to learn from past behavior to influence future outcomes.

With CUBE’s Diagnostic analytics Telcos perform root-cause analysis, data discovery and exploration. It helps with identifying negative performance variations for internal optimization, strategy development for churn reduction etc.

Also, CUBE offers predictive analytics providing an estimation regarding prospective tendencies utilizing various machine learning, clustering and data mining techniques to perform precise and accurate analysis.

Churn management

CUBE’s prediction model forecasts each customer’s life cycle by comparing their behaviors with historical data patterns of previously churned customers allowing enterprises to take immediate actions. Our propensity model has the capability to predict probability to churn within the next 3 months with 75% of accuracy based on past customer behavioral patterns helping enterprises to identify customers who have the potential to churn & reward them via personalized campaigns  increasing their perceived value.

Loyalty management

CUBE’s unique process allows enterprises to execute various types of loyalty campaigns defining different business parameters. Enterprises can launch global loyalty programs for the total customer base or a specific customized loyalty campaign for segmented groups.

Contextual Marketing

CUBE will assist enterprises to ingest and analyze a variety of data types while performing near real time analysis of each and every customer in the customer base. This will allow enterprises to determine the next best action to take focusing on each customer as an individual entity. CUBE has capabilities to leverage on new revenue opportunities by analyzing and identifying trends in customer behavior patterns. With CUBE’s advanced recommendation features enterprises can easily cross-sell and up-sell further enhancing customer perceived value.

Offer management

CUBE’s minimalistic interface helps marketing and other divisions to easily create targeted campaigns with no involvement of tech teams. Teams can now even define the most flexible rules with advanced analytics on their own further improving the customer perception important link. CUBE gives an omni channel experience for subscribers integrating many outbound channels such as SMS, USSD, IVR, web , email helping Telcos to reach all customer touch points.

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