Loyalty Management


In this competitive arena, a loyal subscriber base is the most precious asset for Telcos. Creating a unique experience for customers and offering something beyond their expectations can enhance customer value, thus retaining their patronage. Such a customer-centric approach requires an in-depth understanding of each subscriber.

Precise Customer Analytics to Enhance Customer Loyalty

CUBE monitors usage trends across all products and services, thus providing a holistic picture of customer behavior. Together with its points management system, CUBE is also capable of offering high value subscribers customized rewards such as product offers,  gifts, bill reductions, vouchers and tickets.


Effective Loyalty Management through campaigns

With CUBE’s Loyalty Management you can execute various types of loyalty campaigns, using our flexible rule engine to define your own business parameters and benefits plan. You can either launch global loyalty programs for the whole subscriber base or customized campaigns for segmented groups.

Loyalty Points Management with seamless merchant integration

CUBE’s Point Management is designed to significantly improve customer retention by improving customer satisfaction levels. Visit True Medical site and discover more info about Combodart. CUBE even facilitates seamless merchant integration for authorized retail partners making the customer rewarding process more relevant and valuable.

Real-time Analytics for improved effectiveness

CUBE facilitates advanced analytical reports based on various performance criteria to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of each campaign.  This provides accurate insights for Telcos to optimize their loyalty management processes.

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