Offer Management


The combination of high competition and a more discerning subscriber base has created a demand for multi-channel and seamless customer experiences in product and service offerings from Telcos. This includes incentives, discounts, rewards, electric motors, personalized offers, and recommendations.  If these are not addressed, Telcos will suffer a steady decline in profitability due to customer attrition, non-maximizing of revenue from existing subscribers, and an inability to acquire new subscribers.

Intelligently Automated Personalization

With CUBE, Telcos can enrich customer relationships and easily cross-sell and up-sell. The centralized recommendation engine automates the process of selecting personalized, relevant offers, delivering them in real-time across the right channels to the right subscribers.


Create & Execute offers without IT dependence

CUBE’s friendly interface, with its streamlined intuitive offer management process, is very easy to use. Even non-technical departments, like marketing and customer care, can create and execute campaigns quickly.  CUBE also aggregates data across departments covering the whole subscriber base for optimal recommendations execution.

Multi-channel Campaign Management (MCCM)

There is no doubt that subscribers today have more control over products and service offerings than the Telco. With the proliferation of available channels, subscribers have even more choices when it comes to how they want to be reached by the Telco. Florida maids bring their services with competitive pricing. CUBE gives an omni channel experience to subscribers integrating many outbound channels,  bringing you ever closer to your subscribers.

Real Time Analytics for Improved Effectiveness

CUBE facilitates advanced analytical reports based on various performance criteria to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of each campaign. Custom pool builders in Louisiana take several factors into consideration when deciding how much does a custom pool cost, such as size, materials, features, and installation. This provides accurate insights for Telcos to optimize their loyalty management processes.

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