Download the datasheets available for each product

Enabling a Telco Developer Ecosystem

CPaaS Datasheet for Telcos

hSenid CPaaS an effortless service creation environment to get developers on board by allowing them to …

Service Creation Platform Integrating Multiple Telco Operators

CPaaS Datasheet for Aggregators

Making it more convenient for the Aggregators, hSenid CPaaS integrates telco assets of multiple telecom operators …

Enabling Enterprise Digitization

CPaaS Datasheet for Enterprises

hSenid CPaaS assists enterprises to hold ground in the service delivery chain and maximize business opportunities …

Messaging Portal for Enterprises

Soltura Datasheet for Telcos

Web based wizards in Soltura let anyone build apps in a matter of minutes without programming knowledge…

Aggregator Managed Service Creation Platform

Soltura Datasheet for Aggregators

Soltura is such a platform, where content providers of all sizes can effortlessly create, use & manage diverse…

Empower Enterprise Mobility

Soltura Datasheet for Enterprises

Soltura democratize the service creation by offering a wizard based service creation environment, providing…

A Platform for Creating Enterprise Apps with Telco Assets

Enterprise Wizards Datasheet

Enterprise Wizards, enables Telcos to monetize their Android and USSD markets rapidly using…

Omnichannel App Creation for Enterprises

Enterprise Wizards Datasheet – Omni Channel App Creation for Enterprises

Enterprise Wizards enables Telcos to engage and bring on board enterprises of a wide range of industry…

WebRTC as a Pattern on Soltura

WebRTC for Soltura Datasheet

WebRTC patterns existing on Soltura facilitate including voice in web applications linked together with…

WebRTC as a Network Capability Service (NCS)

WebRTC for CPaaS Datasheet

WebRTC as a NCS available on CPaaS enables Telcos to utilize their network assets in a competitive…

Telco Specialized App Store

App-Store Datasheet

hSenid App-Store allows Telcos and telco developers to have their own market space to publish Telco Apps globally…

Mobile Lifestyle for all

Payments Datasheet

With Payments, subscribers can use their mobile phones as a payment instrument to make payments…

Increasing Customer Lifetime Value

Loyalty Management

hSenid Loyalty Management exposes a user interface to provide a compelling way to attract users by creating…

Experience the Next Level of Loyalty

Rewards for Banks

hSenid Rewards for Banks is a total solution for campaign and loyalty management for the banking industry…

Roll-out and manage USSD services faster

USSD Gateway

USSD Gateway enables Telcos to introduce messaging services with USSD as the bearer, providing fast…

Built For Scaling


hSenid SMSC for on-demand scalability eliminates costly over-provisioning and ensure the capacity to meet …

Platform for Location Based Services


With hSenid LBS Telcos can take advantage of location capabilities by merging with enterprises and 3rd…

Systems Integration and Cloudspace

Cloud Transformation services

hSenid engineers have expertise in design, planning, implementation & maintenance in different areas such as virtualization, ……

A Middleware Platform for SD-WAN Management

hSenid Mobile SD-WAN Manager Datasheet

A middleware platform built to enhance the SD-WAN offering of an enterprise for quick and easy SD-WAN management.

Remittance Application

hSenid Mobile Remittance Application Datasheet

hSenid Mobile Remittance Application facilitates customers to utilize remittance related services of the bank and integrate with third-party remittance service providers that enables cross-selling and up-selling.


hSenid eDevops Services

hSenid Mobile understands the software development life cycles and has an outright understanding of various automation tools for developing the CI/CD pipeline.