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Power of CPaaS conquering the enterprise communication landscape

When businesses were brick and mortar structures, with very little or no competition in a market where customers physically approached to receive attention to the services they needed, delivered to them face to face, customer service was down to employees fronting the customer. Sometimes the service was indifferent and careless needless to say, it didn’t really matter. Customers needed them. Unconsciously, businesses had the upper hand.

This nonchalance and lack of empathy for the customer began to change with increasing competition entering the market in many industry verticals. Businesses began to need customers and fought for survival in a gradually expanding red ocean.

In addition to increasing competition, businesses began its shift from brick and mortar, to click and mortar and subsequently to, purely online businesses, in other words, digitalization was on the uprising, and the customer became king. Even brick and mortar structures needed to support digitalization. So, customers gained the upper hand because they had a wide choice to move loyalty and patronage if one service or goods provider didn’t serve to one’s own satisfaction with high quality, competitive price and moreover didn’t provide efficient and attentive customer service. This move to preferred service providers became easier with digitalization, where the customer had access to numerous choices online and did not always physically have to visit a service provider.

While enterprises and the global market moves to digital, as we all know, the future generations will know nothing else but technology and digital mediums to communicate.

For enterprises to support the needs of this digital era, let us examine what enterprises need, to serve their customers digitally.

2-factor authentication, transaction notifications, voice/ video calling, email, and chat are among the basic digital functions enterprises need to enable today, to accommodate a change in the ways they notify, secure the customer transactions, interact and communicate with customers, and vice versa, how customers reach and engage with them. Moving further into the future, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, facetime will no more be emerging technologies but naturally embedded somewhere in the enterprise-customer value chain.

To embed all of these communication channels and means into the Enterprise, CPaaS has had a huge part to play. CPaaS has and continues to change the landscape of how enterprises integrate communication into operations and is a vital enabler of communication in the digital era we live in.

More than a decade back, CPaaS players exposed programmable telecoms via APIs and UI based building blocks, making integration easy for enterprises, in an otherwise closed and secure Telco network accessible only to a few trusted parties under stringent terms. Today, CPaaS players offer a myriad of APIs and building blocks such as OTT APIs, contact centers, unified communication platforms as a service and many more, providing the cogwheels for enterprises to communicate more effectively with customers.

These cogwheels on a CPaaS must be set into motion, usually by the Enterprise’s IT, or developers internal or external, to meet Business Users’ need for digital solutions.

This is time, money and dependency, to have these solutions ready for the Business User.

Let me show a scenario, of a day in the life of an Enterprise… Take a bank.

(Business user: Marketing)

The Marketing Team requires a flexible campaign portal to design and execute promotions. Key requirements are

  • to have 2 levels of authorization for each campaign created by the Marketing team which we have repeatedly seen as a core need for security,
  • dispatch messages on a future date or time,
  • support multimedia messages and text-based messages based on customer preferred or customer available channel

Marketing takes this requirement to IT. IT evaluates to either develop the portal in-house or reaches out to find a solution externally.

Imagine, cutting the time, money and dependency on IT, for Business Users to have the tools they need, when they need it, NOW.

Flashback: What made our CPaaS a life-changing tool to non-techies, were the templates or wizards we brought almost 10 years ago. Non-techies were able to create a service from the wizards in less than 5 minutes, and into a recurring source of income.

Now, we are looking at a whole different way to disrupt the Enterprise with tools ready in minutes with a click of a button, to commence customer communication when needed, now.

A simple wizard ‘Bulk Messaging’ on hSenid Mobile’s enterpriseCPaaS, generates a Campaign Portal for Marketing, fulfilling all the requirements of Marketing in minutes.

Now the Enterprise demands for communication is not limited to customers, but more external and internal organizational needs are prevalent. This same ‘Bulk Messaging’ wizard, can be used by the Bank’s HR team to create an Employee notification portal, by Loans Department to create their own portal to promote new products, by Cards Department to offer location-based promotions and so forth.

One wizard. Solving the needs of many departments within an enterprise, to stay ahead in a demanding empathy economy.

eCPaaS, will give power back to the Business User.


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