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Enable Departments within Enterprises to Build Communication Services

CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) has been evolving at a significant rate due to its importance and impact on modern business. At the early stages, telecommunication service providers (telcos) were dominating the ownership of CPaaS, but with emerging necessities of developers from various verticals, CPaaS providers (also identified as CPaaS aggregators) have stepped into the market and started working with telcos collaboratively. As a result of this, communication trends and the demands of customers have changed drastically, which ultimately caused many CPaaS developments. These advancements facilitated giant business organizations as well as small-medium enterprises to enhance their communication involved services rapidly. Gradually, CPaaS has become an essential part of any organization and it has the potential to grow up to the main point of contact of an organization, regardless of organization magnitudes.

Behind The Scene

Revealing the hidden capabilities of CPaaS and communication patterns of enterprises will definitely increase the impact on business operations as it expands the depth of CPaaS offerings enormously. Going beyond the organizational level, it is interesting to focus on different departments within the organization and provide CPaaS based solutions for communication-related critical operations they are dealing with.

Marketing: Build Strong Customer-Product Relationship

Promoting the product in a way which creates maximum customer awareness and persuades potential customers to make the decision to purchase the product are the key goals of a strong marketing campaign.

Today, customers use different channels for their communication purposes and organizations should grasp targeted customers via the networks they use most. Welcoming customer feedback is also vital when building a strong customer relationship and keeping a track of customer queries on products will provide actionable insights at new product positioning.

hSenid eCPaaS empowers marketing employees to define an unlimited number of campaigns with effective planning, which would ensure that your product will reach the customer in no time and customer will be at your doorstep in real time. Ability to crunch a promotion into key components such as select target audience, optimize customer channels & prioritize, choose appropriate message template, personalize promotion content, manage budget and advance configurations will allow users to try out different combinations for a campaign, leaving some room for innovations as well.

Human Resource: Maintain Comfortable Work Environment

Productive communication within organizations has been a problem in many fields and the proper method of dealing with complaints from employees or from the employer is yet to be established.

As you can see in the above problem-solution quadrant, generate creative solutions to unexpected problems need special attention and that can be brought only through effective communication where HR should be the center point of information gathering and sharing. Listen to the difficulties of existing employees and provide them with reasonable responses while securing their privacy, and timely broadcasting organization policy updates and the messages from management can be converted into a hassle-free process with the help of next-generation CPaaS, hSenid eCPaaS.

It All Comes Down To “ease of use”

The biggest challenge around CPaaS today is, needing programming literacy to develop services and that has been the major roadblock when empowering department level implementations independently. hSenid eCPaaS enables organizations to dive deep and customize their experience that is very unique and direct with their applications. It contains a range of wizard-based services, which facilitates department users to build applications with only ground level training. Eliminating programming knowledge dependency would definitely increase the efficiency of communication services of an organization and the “ease of use” it brings will encourage employees to think out of the box and convert their ideas into profitable innovations.


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