Synchronizing Digital Customer & Business

9th Feb 2017 | Jaic Hilton | 7.30AM – 9.30AM

hSenid Mobile Solutions will be host to a thought leadership programme for CXO of BFI the sector as to cognize them on the Fintech Digital Disruption.

The influence of Fintech’s to BFI sector globally and locally, and its ongoing technological advents and potential use-cases are disrupting the way banks do business and effect on their bottom line.

Today, FinTechs have covered almost all touch points and segments of banking such as payments, lending, personal & corporate financing, eKYC and Remittance.

Thus, wielding enormous pressure on banks to focus on customer centricity with the ever evolving connected customer, banks have to adhere to the anywhere, anytime business model emphasizing on the omni-channel digital connectivity.

hSenid Mobile intends is to partner and assist banks, thriving in this digital disruption through enabling to interconnect the different blocks of the digital value chain and customer expectation of mobile & socially connected customers.

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