TADHack Madrid 2014

Madrid 6-7 June 2014

TADHack is the only global meeting place for developers to hack with telecom tools and technologies. TADHack took place in different countries on the same day where all Telco developers, partners and sponsors were connected virtually. The main hackathon was kicked off at Madrid, Spain along with other satellite Hackathons from Malaysia, Pune, Sri Lanka, Chicago and Philippines.

With more than 60+ hacks worldwide, TADHack was the most successful Hackathon of Telco developers ever, acting as a catalyst to bring a wealth of new, exciting and quality apps to the Telecommunication market.

‘We have seen the rise on telecomm app platforms and community building which will help growth of industries. TADHack is the ultimate opportunity for our local developers to face the global telco app market and we are more than happy to bring down TADHack 2014 to Sri Lanka’ Dinesh Saparamadu – CEO hSenid Mobile.