TADHack Sri Lanka 2014

Colombo 6-7 June 2014

hSenid Mobile presents TADHack Sri Lanka 2014 in Colombo – Dialog Future Auditorium . Here’s a chance for Telco developers of SL to participate in the ultimate Telco Application Developer Hackathon – TADHack.

First Ever International Telco Developer Hackathon

This is the first global Telco Developer Hackathon held in Sri Lanka where developers can build Telco apps using hSenid Mobile’s APIs and address global market needs. The scope for Telco developers of SL just became wider. Individuals or teams with maximum of 5 members can participate in TADHack SL. The teams have to showcase 5 minute pitches to judges in Sri Lanka where these pitches would be recorded on Youtube. The selected 10 pitches would be then given to the International TADHack commencing in Madrid to be judged and broadcast internationally. The prize pot of TADHack is announced at USD 30K for best ideas across the telecom application worldwide. There will be more prizes powered by Dialog – ideamart for TADHack Sri Lanka.

hSenid Mobile APIs

Developers will be exposed to hSenid Mobile’s APIs in TAP (Telco Application Platform). The Telco APIs include messaging, charging, location and subscription. Moreover, the hSenid Mobile platform exposes templates for non techies with business minds to build apps without having to use a single line of coding. They can use readily available patterns such as alert, request, voting and channel to build a messaging app in a couple of minutes. Sri Lanka is recognized for its successful entrepreneurial systems in the Telco app market. There have been many award ceremonies, workshops, hackathons and meet-ups to establish an ongoing Telco developer community that has led to many local start-ups and innovative apps. TADHack Sri Lanka is an opportunity where developers can showcase their app ideas in an international space.

Resources at Dev Space

hSenid Mobile has launched Dev Space where all developer resources, demos and videos can be found in one location. We will be conducting preliminary trainings and webinars to help developers win locally and get a spotlight in the main TADHack event.