Enterprise Wizards for Banks

Omni channel app platforms for banks

Tailor Made wizards for SME

hSenid Mobile’s Enterprise wizards for banks is unique platform that allows enterprises to create mobile applications within a matter of minutes. Banks can let their customers, manage small and medium enterprises, to create customized, sleek, easy to use order ahead apps to engage with their customers using our platform.

hSenid Enterprise Wizard
Custom Branded Application

Custom Branded Application

Allows merchants to own their custom Mobile app, opening up new sales channels and run powerful marketing campaigns.



it gives the opportunity to engage with their customers, to order and pay through the mobile app.

Omni channel app creation

Omni channel app creation

Automatic generation of multiple versions of mobile applications (Android, USSD, etc) enhance digital transformation in enterprises

A customized mobile app for any business in minutes

hSenid Mobile enterprise wizards is Omni channel app platforms (Android & iOS) allowing businesses to deploy and manage tailor-made mobile order ahead apps for their businesses without coding or any technical knowledge.

it enables users to purchase items through the app and make payments using their mobile account or mobile wallet of your bank or any other bank payment method making it more convenient for them.

Business owners can run analytics on performance which helps to understand and predict customer behavior. It also enables them to use their network assets, generating a new and undiscovered stream of revenue in to their business.

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