How to Create Your Own Enterprise Apps with Apptizer

Apptizer is a great way to create your very own enterprise apps to suit your business. Yes! Any enterprise app creator, with or without any programming knowledge can create enterprise apps on Apptizer, using its easy-to-use wizard based app creation interface. You may wonder about what’s so extraordinary about Apptizer that makes it a unique platform.

Well, Apptizer enables many types of enterprises, be it small, medium or large, to create apps which are integrated with a mobile network operator(s). Getting the network connectivity for an enterprise system or application is usually a difficult task, as thousands of apps cannot be given integration to an operator’s network, if the app does not meet specific requirements and standards. But with Apptizer, any enterprise can now reach out to customers and provide them with many operator connected features that would make tasks such as purchasing, ordering etc convenient and less time consuming.

Enterprise apps built with Apptizer can be made available to customers on USSD and Android, and both app versions can be created together in just one instance! They provide the feature of sending out SMS notifications to customers as well as allowing customers to make payments using mobile accounts or mobile wallets. Apptizer has a pre-defined set of templates, customized for different enterprise categories and their business requirements.

Therefore, Apptizer is a great way for a wide range of enterprises to take their business to the next level, offering an enhanced service to customers and improving their satisfaction and loyalty towards the business.

Features and Functions of Apptizer
Now let’s take a look at the features and functions of Apptizer and how these are used to create enterprise apps.

Log In or Register
If you already have an account with Apptizer, enter your login details in the Login UI and log in to the platform. If you don’t have an account with Apptizer, you can start creating one by clicking on the “Register for a Corporate Account (For App Developers)” link available in the login screen.

Create an App
Creating an app can be done in just a few steps using Apptizer’s app creation wizards. You can choose templates from a range of enterprise categories such as Restaurant and Shopping.

Before creating an app for the first time, you can always learn more about your preferred business category apps by selecting the “Try It Now” option. Once you are familiar with the apps overall features and look-and-feel, you can access the app creation interface through the main menu.

Creating a Restaurant App
Here is how you can create an app for on Apptizer in an easy step-by-step approach. Note that the sample screens display the creation of an app in the Restaurant category.

Step 1: Enter basic app details
Enter app details such as application name and description. A unique name for your app is required to identify it, whereas a description about it is needed for obtaining administrator approval. Once you have filled in the basic details, continue to the next step.

Step 2: Customize your app
In this second step, you need to customize your app by selecting a theme colour and icon. This will enable you to include the enterprise’s existing colour theme and logo, so that customers could instantly recognize your business as and when the new app is marketed.

Step 3: Enter your product details and requirements
The 3rd step requires entering specific product details which you want to be made available to customers through the application. The information required to be filled will differ based on the enterprise category selected when creating the app.

For example, in the case of a restaurant app, you can enter details such as food item descriptions, delivery and pre-order requirements as well as permissions on allowing customers to share details on social media.

Step 4: Configure notification settings
Receiving notifications special promotions and offers is something that most of the customers look forward to. In this step, you can configure the settings of SMS notifications to send out information on the latest deals and offers.

Step 5: Fill in contact details
Finally, you need to fill in your enterprise’s contact details so that customers can view it on the application and get in touch.

Once you have filled in the details, Apptizer will check to make sure that all details are valid. You will then be asked to submit the details, followed by the below message received for a successful submission.

SMS, USSD & Android applications:
Your customers will be able to register with the application after it has been approved by the administrator. USSD applications can be accessed by dialing the relevant USSD code, followed by the menu items.

Once the build file of the Android app has been generated, you can download it and make it available the application store of the operator or Google Play Store.

Manage My Apps
Managing and monitoring your application settings, product items, orders received and other activities can be handled by this feature. You can view app details and manage your app by selecting the “My Apps” option from the main menu.

View All My Applications
All apps you have created on Apptizer will be displayed in a graphical summarized manner as shown below. At a glance you will be able to see the application’s basic details as well as the SMS and USSD codes provided to access the application by customers.

View App Details
App details such as its configurations, basic and contact information can be viewed by clicking on the “View Application Details” icon. App details are displayed in a categorized manner making it easier to group and identify separate information.

Manage Products
Your application’s products can be managed by using the product management features available on Apptizer for each application. Click on “Manage Product Items” icon available and all product information currently configured on the app will be displayed.

Products can be edited by clicking on the “Edit” icon. New products can be added to the existing product list on the app by clicking on the “Add Item” icon.

Purchase orders received by the application can be viewed by clicking on the “View Purchase Orders” icon.

Details of each purchase order can be viewed by clicking on the “View Order Details” icon. Purchase orders which are completed can be marked as completed by selecting the check icon.

Now that you know how easy it is to create a multi-channel enterprise app on Apptizer, it’s time to create one and make your business mobile!

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