hSenid Mobile announces the new mission and tagline

hSenid Mobile is a subsidiary of the hSenid group of companies. hSenid celebrated its 20 years of innovation in 2017 and incidentally was recognized as 5th most prestigious export brand of Sri Lanka. hSenid Mobile is engaged with many of the leading companies throughout the world, empowering digital transformation for business.

hSenid Mobile has now outlived its original mission, hence the team took the initiative to set a new mission for us embark on during the next 20 years.

Introducing hSenid Mobile tagline: – “Co-Creating the future

We believe that no individual or organization can create the future they want to by working in isolation. More than ever before, we must continually co-operate in innovative and productive efforts along with our partners, customers and stakeholders. Therefore the key to build the future is to genuinely collaborate with those who are aligned with us on values. Hence, we believe that genuine collaborations with partners, customers, hSenidians, etc. is key to create the future we desire to have.

Mission statement: – “Our mission is to bring digital transformation to businesses, fulfilment to their customers, and joy to hSenidians and their families for architecting the future through innovation

Our innovative and dynamic product range caters to variety of industries catering from Telecoms, Banking & Financial institutions and Enterprises. Those revolutionary solutions leverage opportunities, bring high level of flexibility and generate revenue for our customers enabling an ecosystem of creators around them. We not only support our customers to become successful in their business but also ensure the end users of our solutions are also succeeding with our solutions.

We have been creating and nurturing a developer ecosystem with our API management solutions. It has influenced and opened up lot of opportunities to passionate developers to build their entire businesses based on APIs/solutions we offer.

It brings us joy when the products we build are used by millions around the world and when we see it helping these users achieve their goals.

Being hSenidians, our greatest intention is to strive towards achieving our collective mission.

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