Dialog IDEAMART Powered by hSenid Mobile Solutions – Best Technology Enabler at GSMA Awards


April 16, 2015

Sri Lanka’s premier telecommunications service provider, Dialog Axiata PLC, won the world award for Best Technology Enabler at the 20th Global Mobile Awards held in Barcelona, Spain last month for its revolutionary IdeaMart mobile application development platform.
The Global Mobile Awards take place every year at the Mobile World Congress which is the world’s largest annual gathering of mobile and related industries, to unveil each of their latest cutting edge technologies. The Global Mobile Awards are hugely competitive and reflect the dynamic pace of growth and evolution in digital communications. This year’s Global Mobile Awards highlighted more than 800 submissions out of which 40 were crowned as winners.
IdeaMart, driven by the Telco Application platform of hSenid Mobile, increases the prospects of spurring innovation by offering multiple entrepreneurship opportunities to third party app creators through building apps utilizing Dialog’s network assets effortlessly through simple Application Programme Interfaces (API).

The platform, which churned out over 3,300 applications with over 2,500 app creators over a short span of just over 18 months reflects over 80% growth in developer opportunities and 75% increase in subscriber growth.

Currently, IdeaMart exposes APIs for mobile charging, location tracking, in-App purchasing, messaging, subscriptions and USSD. The platform provides APIs for developers to create applications using many useful features. Not limiting the opportunity just for developers, IdeaMart goes further and offers user-friendly web based wizards for non-developers to create applications in a matter of minutes.

“Ideamart was a great journey and a great achievement indeed” says Mr. Dinesh Saparamadu, CEO hSenid Mobile Solutions with great pride. “Ideamart serves as a great example of how an accomplished eco-system can deliver quick-wins in today’s fast-paced app economy. We hope this model can help operators all around the world to replicate our success in their own markets, and we are there to share our expertise in this,” Mr. Saparamadu continued.

“To be feted Best Technology Enabler at the Global Mobile Awards brings great pride and honour to Sri Lanka and its application development community. Ideamart was envisaged by Dialog to give opportunity to entrepreneurship and innovation to everyone, and we are proud to witness its growth to an eco-system of over 2,500 developers and reaching the pinnacle being recognized as a winner from amongst the world’s best technology enablers. Together with our enterprising platform development partner, hSenid Mobile Solutions, we look forward to exciting new futures as Ideamart and its developer-community transcend conventional precincts to unlock new markets and opportunity,” avers Anthony Rodrigo, Group Chief Information Officer of Dialog Axiata.
hSenid Mobile Solutions is a multi-national Telco Software Solutions provider with a focus on platforms converging Telco APIs, Analytics and Signaling. The company’s TAP enables a new wave of developer communities by offering an end-to-end telco specialized API Management Solution that empowers developers and non-developers to create applications effortlessly through self-care portals, thus eliminating the need for telcos to be involved in app development lifecycle and release. As a proven solution with multiple deployments across the globe, hSenid Mobile’s TAP will generate new revenue sources for telcos.