hSenid Mobile and Orange Electric throw light on future of IoT


June 01, 2015

Hsenid Mobile Solutions together with Orange Electric showcased the innovative Cellular M2M box to be released later this year. The Cellular M2M will allow developers to create more services using telco infrastructure in the sphere of Internet of Things (IoT). The Cellular M2M box which comes with a GSM connection, functions on the hSenid Mobile IoT platform. This blend of technologies enhances the entire concept of ‘connected living’ in the sphere of home automation, transportation facilities, city infrastructure and personal electronics etc.

hSenid Mobile Solutions CEO Dinesh Saparamadu said “The Cellular M2M Box is a great breakthrough product for IoT developers to prototype the cellular M2M concept.”

Orange Electric Managing Director Kushan Kodituwakku stated, “We see this M2M Box as the entry point of Orange Electric to the IoT world, which is the future of a connected world.”

The newly launched Cellular M2M box is expected to take IoT infrastructure across borders into a new dimension enabling more disruptive innovations facilitating customers, consumers and system associates. Orange Electric is Sri Lanka’s premier manufacturer of electrical and lighting products successfully catering to the need of diverse industries.

hSenid Mobile Solutions is a multi-national Telco Software Solutions provider with a focus on platforms converging Telco APIs, Analytics and Signalling. The company’s Telco Application Platform (TAP) enables a new wave of developer communities by offering an end-to-end telco specialised API Management Solution that empowers developers and non-developers to create applications effortlessly through self-care portals, thus eliminating the need for telcos to be involved in app development lifecycle and release. As a proven solution with multiple deployments across the globe, hSenid Mobile’s TAP generates new revenue sources for telcos.