hSenid partners TAD Summit 2014 in Istanbul


November 07, 2014

In this pre-departure interview, hSenid CEO Dinesh Saparamadu explains the objectives and value of the TAD Summit to local entrepreneurs. The TAD Summit 2014 will be held on 12/13 November at Istanbul. hSenid will be sending a seven-member team to participate in this prestigious telecommunications event.

Q: What is TAD Summit?
A: TAD Summit is a forum, where all stake holders of the Telecom Application Development ecosystem come together and share knowledge, showcase their products and services and success stories. The summit focuses on building an essential yet missing component of the telecom industry, that creates new services and customer value to address the revenue decline from the commoditisation of voice and messaging.

Q: What is the core objective of this summit?
A: The core objective is to showcase case studies of successful deployments of Telecom Applications, using the Telecom network assets like Messaging, Payments, In App Purchasing, Location, Web RTC etc.

Q: What is the hSenid involvement in this summit?
A: The hSenid Mobile’s Telco Application Platform (TAP) is the fastest growing Telco grade API management platform in the region with some of the industry’s biggest deployments, hence it’s a natural progression for hSenid Mobile to be involved in TADs. hSenid Mobile is a significant sponsor of the event, and core contributor for the TAD Summit, and we will showcase some of our success stories and also launch a new product.

Q: How can local entrepreneurs benefit (in the long term)?
A: Some of the winners of TAD Hack Sri Lanka held last June will be participating and they will get a chance to network with international mobile operators. It will be an opportunity for them to ‘Go Global’. This will also inspire more local developers to take to telco application development.

Q: What are some of the topics to be discussed at the Summit?
A: There will be case studies and working streams during which operators and vendors will share best practices and experiences from their deployments. The broad idea is for utilising shared knowledge to arrive at a common set of guidelines to be used by new operators planning to open their APIs for external innovation. hSenid Mobile will play a critical part during the working streams since its TAP platform has several illustrious examples of enabling the ‘Long Tail of APIs’ by democratising the APIs.

Q: When Ba TADS 2013 was held in Bangkok, did Sri Lanka get showcased?
A: hSenid Mobile presented a TAP platform and it was well received by the audience since it was one of the most successful products for Telecom operators on this new area of business.

Q: What will be some of this year’s (local) applications to be showcased?
A: Several local applications will be showcased this time including applications covering supply chain management, Cellular M2M use cases, transport management and Social Charity Application.