TADHack SL 2016 Developer Highlight : SAS Ninja

TADHack SL 2016 Developer Highlight : SAS Ninja

Team SAS ninja Labs became the second runners up at TADHack Sri Lanka 2016. Among the many novelty ideas that were brought into light at TADHack Sri Lanka this year, iWRAP by team SAS ninjas was unmistakably a head turner. An interesting idea was brought to implementation by them, related to driving safety.

According to statistics of Ministry of Transportation & Civil Aviation in Sri Lanka, 1 in 25 adult drivers (aged 18 years or older) have fallen asleep while driving. Drowsy driving was responsible for 72,000 crashes, 44,000 injuries, and 800 deaths in the year 2013.

Being fatigued significantly increases the risk of a crash. Drowsy driving have become an intensive topic receiving a close review at present worldwide. The risk, danger, and often tragic results of drowsy driving are alarming. Drowsiness makes drivers less able to pay attention to the road, slows reaction time, (impairs the ability to respond quickly in a dangerous situation).

Team SAS Ninja came up with an innovative solution to overcome this issue by introducing a smart optic wearable to alert the driver and his/her kin as a precaution for a possible accident.

The Solution

iWRAP is a solution that functions on a simple Bluetooth module which is connected to the driver’s mobile phone that will get triggered from the optic wearable. The Bluetooth module is modified with custom AT commands on functionality requirements. The triggering will happen when the frequency of eye blinking rises which will perform different functionalities such as,

  • Starts vibration pattern in driver’s mobile phone to keep the driver awake, and notify the driver to get rest a while, because of his/her drowsy/fatigue condition via voice commands.
  • The app will suggest nearest locations to get rest such as restaurants, motels etc, and it will detect the speed of the vehicle to notify the driver to maintain an average speed. 
  • Sends a SMS via a hSenid mobile SMS API alerting the driver’s condition to the nearest local traffic police post with the GPS geo-location. The database contains all the emergency contacts and it will cross refer the nearest police station’s number based on the driver’s geo-location and send the message accordingly. So that they can identify the driver’s location using Google Maps or with the Augmented Reality Geo-Tagging marker by using mobile phone camera.
  • Sends a phone call to emergency contact person (friends, wife or parents) where the driver can attend the call with the ear phones embedded in the wearable to keep the driver awake


TADHack SL 2016 Developer Highlight : SAS Ninja

This app will act as an AI assistant to notify the user in danger situation by analyzing drivers’ fatigue or drowsy condition and giving suggestion accordingly. The wearable will detect the eye lid movement and blinking rate and sends Bluetooth signal patterns to perform various tasks through the mobile phone. It will either play music from phone, suggests stop point such as restaurants, motels or give voice commands to the drivers.

The hinge and the nose-pad of the spectacle will hold the relevant sensors to track lid movement. Main processing system (Modified Bluetooth Module) will be on the temple part of the spectacle.

The aptly called “iWRAP Glass” by the team will become an everyday wearable where people will have confidence wearing and driving anytime anywhere. This will be a unique value preposition to all the drivers who struggle with drowsiness and fatigue.

The team utilized following technologies to successfully implement the wearable device.

  • Native Android (Java) SDK
  • hSenid SMS Telco API
  • Java EE with JSP Servlets and Web sockets
  • Bluetooth Module communication techniques
  • MPLab with PIC Microcontroller Programming (Micro C)
  • WikiTude Augmented Reality SDK

Team consisted of Thuan Shafer Preena a final year undergraduate at Faculty of Information Technology at University of Moratuwa, Along with his fellow team mates Ramindu Rusara Senarath, Supun harsha Priyadarshana, and Tharindu kanchana Senanyaka representing the faculty of Information Technology University of Moratuwa, and last but not least Aqueel Hashim Mufthy a second year undergraduate studying Software Engineering at Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology. Below is their product pitch at TADHack Sri Lanka 2016 in front of local judges.

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