The Ultimate Telco Dream of Service Innovation

What is TAP?

The Telco Application Platform (TAP) increases prospects of spurring innovation bringing in new revenues for Telcos by utilizing Telcos services effortlessly through extensive Telco API Management suite. TAP  enables a new wave of developer communities by offering an end-to-end solution that empowers developers and non-developers to create Telco applications effortlessly through a self-care portal, thus eliminating the need for Telcos to involve in app development lifecycle and release.

Telco API Management with a Difference

Going Beyond Telco APIs Enabling Service Innovation By All

North Bound Layer
Telco API management with a difference
South Bound Layer

Beyond opening up REST APIs we offer an Innovative North Bound Innovation (NBI) Layer with self service capabilities for both developers and non techies, offering wizards and pre developed service patterns for popular industry verticals, not limiting Telco app creation to developers alone.

What makes our NBI layer even special is that it can co- exist with your current API management system by accelerating service innovation

North Bound Innovation

Developer Self Care Portal
Developer Self Care Portal

Enabling intense service creation with vibrant telco developer ecosystem

Non-Techies App Wizards
Non-Techies App Wizards

Wizard based Service Creation giving Freedom for anyone to build apps

Enterprise Tailor Made Wizards
Enterprise Tailor Made Wizards

The simplest platform for enterprises to create apps with Telco elements

TAP for


Service enabling platforms for Aggregators

Facilitates seamless  service creation for content providers with digital assets of multiple Telcos, abstracting all complexities in Telco connectivity

TAP for


Digital service enabling platforms for enterprises

Own platform to create and manage services with digital assets of multiple Telcos to improve internal efficiency and customer service

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