Leveraging Telco APIs with Blockchain

The webinar was conducted alongside the TADHack 2018. In this webinar Andy, from STATUS, explain how to develop a decentralized application on an innovative platform called  […]

CPaaS enabling TADHack and the Global Telecom ecosystem.

This webinar was conducted by Dinesh Saparamadu, CEO/ Founder of hSenid Mobile mainly focusing on Programmable Telecoms and how the next generation of Programmable […]

Practical guide to create SMS Applications

What are Telco Applications? Are businesses making use of Telco Applications? Are developers using Telco Applications to explore business opportunities? How to get started to create a […]

Beyond boundaries for Telco applications ; Use USSD API to enable access to all

What is USSD? How does USSD add value to your Application? How can USSD reach every single mobile user, How to create USSD menus with useful features? How to attract more consumers to […]

Telco APIs to mash up messaging with location

Why location in Telco Applications? How can businesses use location to do mobile marketing? How to mash up messaging with location to deploy Telco Applications that address local market […]

Use mobile account to power your application

How can you get people to pay for using your application? How can you attract an untapped market by allowing mobile payments as a payment option? What are some types of useful […]

In-App Purchase on Android

Why is In-App Purchase on the rise? Developers can achieve high ROIs in applications by making customers pay after they become loyal.

TAP Application Development with Node.js

Node.js is the ultimate platform built on Chrome\’s JavaScript runtime to easily build fast and scalable network applications. It uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes […]

Internet of Things

Making “Connected Living” a reality among people and processes has been the motive of the ever growing number of IoT connections and applications in the world today.

Telco Application Development with WebRTC

WebRTC enables online communication in real time between browsers and between browsers and mobile, allowing users to make calls from the browser itself by simply CLICKING A BUTTON!

Telco Application Development with TAP IDE

hSenid Mobile’s TAP IDE make you to experience an All-in-One bundled collection of API SDKs and simulators that makes Telco Application Development a piece of cake.

Enhance Your Web Application with hSenid Mobile In-App Purchase API

The TREND is “Freemium” applications, meaning that the app itself is free but additional features, virtual goods, extra levels, services, upgrades and many more are available for sale […]