24th April 2015

The TREND is “Freemium” applications, meaning that the app itself is free but additional features, virtual goods, extra levels, services, upgrades and many more are available for sale once the app is on the go!

hSenid Mobile’s Telco Application Platform (TAP) presents “In-App Purchase API for Web”, as an extension to our “In-App Purchasing API for Android”. The API enables you to develop Freemium apps (eg. E- Commerce transactions with add to shopping cart feature) and allows users to pay through mobile accounts which will increase app users’ willingness to pay while they are in the app.

Thilina, who is one of our Business Solutions Engineers,  gives you a very clear introduction on In App Purchasing and how it is applicable to Telco Applications. You will get a thorough understanding of the difference of the applicability of the concept of In App Purchasing in Android and Web. With the use case examples, Thilina simplifies the idea further so that the use of our API would be easier for you.

JK comes up with a well elaborative demonstration on how to integrate the hSenid Mobile In App Purchase API in web applications. With the sample codes, he  clarifies the use of this payment facility in different scenarios in different ways. JK illustrates how the in app purchasing concept can facilitate the app to attract more customers and in return increase the revenue stream. This would be an ideal session for PHP developers and other web developers as well.


R. Jayakrishnan

Software Engineer

hSenid Mobile

Thilina Gamalath

Business Solutions Engineer

hSenid Mobile