22nd August 2014

Why is In-App Purchase on the rise? Developers can achieve high ROIs in applications by making customers pay after they become loyal. In-App Purchasing, is where purchasing take place within a mobile app where the user is prompted to authorize a payment to get additional features than what’s already available. For example, to access premium features in a basic version of an app, to explore a new level of a game or to buy virtual cash.

This is becoming a best practice of revenue generation models in applications. Going a step further, hSenid Mobile’s In-App Purchase API allows developers to embed customers’ mobile accounts to make payments instead of credit cards. This seamless payment experience will increase app users’ willingness to pay while they are in the app.

In-App Purchasing + Mobile Accounts will Increase the rate of converting free customers into paying customers in no time.

This webinar discussed the possibilities of making much more revenue with your Android App with In-App Purchasing


R. Jayakrishnan

Associate Software Engineer

hSenid Mobile

Pasindu Jayawardene

Senior Software Engineer

hSenid Mobile