24th April 2015

Making “Connected Living” a reality among people and processes has been the motive of the ever growing number of IoT connections and applications in the world today. In comparison to the enormous benefits IoT has to offer, and that too to a wide range of users ranging from small to large scale enterprises of different industries to house hold consumers, the solutions that have been implemented in this sphere are way less. The available solutions are limited and very much restricted to large scale enterprises due to several reasons.

hSenid Mobile APIs latest IOT API simplifies the process of Innovations in IOT making it easy for many to involve in IOT deployments widening its scope.

Hasitha guides you from the beginning by introducing IoT in the most comprehendible way. Incorporating IoT into Telco will be described and clarified using some sample scenarios so that the applicability of IoT in our day to day life is revealed.

Jayakrishnan illustrates how hSenid Mobile APIs can be integrated with Internet of Things. With the use of a demonstration where the concept of M2M is used, he will illustrate the use of it. With some sample codes, Jayakrishnan will show that the concept of IoT can be implemented very easily with the use of minimum lines of code.

Sandarenu assists the sample coding session so that you can see how the implementation part is done using hSenid Mobile IoT API. With a chosen case study, the practical application of M2M will be illustrated by her and the end Maraten,VP of IoT at Ubuntu explains to you how IOT innovations are done with Ubuntu’s Snappy.


R. Jayakrishnan

Software Engineer

hSenid Mobile

Chathurika Sandarenu

Software Architect

hSenid Mobile

Hasitha Pullaperuma

Business Solutions Engineer

hSenid Mobile

Maarten Ectors

VP of IoT, Proximity Cloud and Next-Gen Networking

hSenid Mobile