09th May 2014

Why location in Telco Applications? How can businesses use location to do mobile marketing? How to mash up messaging with location to deploy Telco Applications that address local market needs?

There are several useful business cases that can be implemented by mashing up Telco APIs. This Webinar focuses on how location API can be used in a Telco Application to track a place or a person in real time. Duleepa demonstrates some successful Telco Applications that have been built with Location API. He also continues to explain how Location API can be used to address mobile searches done by subscribers. The techy part of how to code with location API is done by Rajive. He demonstrates how to use Dev Space Location APIs with Messaging APIs to build cool Applications.


Duleepa Karunaratne

Senior Project Manager

hSenid Mobile

Rajive Kumar

Senior Software Engineer

hSenid Mobile