18th May 2015

hSenid Mobile’s TAP IDE make you to experience an All-in-One bundled collection of API SDKs and simulators that makes Telco Application Development a piece of cake.

Dedicated for your convenience, TAP IDE further simplifies code generation, app building and inbuilt simulation to assist you in creating telco based apps with hSenid mobile APIs.

hSenid Mobile TAP IDE is the official IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for hSenid Mobile APIs based on IntelliJ platform offering you Build variants, Multiple File Generation, and Code Templates. Our Telco Application Platform (TAP) along with its own IDE would make telco app development easier and simpler for you.

You will learn more on our fully fledged TAP IDE for hSenid Mobile APIs and experience the new utilities at your fingertips!

Dulika gets off the ground with a very comprehensible introduction to our TAP IDE. Along with that, the platform used for our IDE, Intellij IDEA also brought to you with a clean elaboration on the reasons behind using it. The common challenges faced by the telco app developers is discussed by Dulika and she  justifies how our IDE would cater to solve those existing problems.

Nithya, one of our proficient software engineers  guides you in the process of using the newly invented TAP IDE from the initial step of downloading to creating apps. He illustrates some sample apps which is followed by a demonstration which clarifies all your doubts in using the IDE.


Dulika Dilhani

Project Manager

hSenid Mobile

Nithya Ranadeerage

Software Engineer

hSenid Mobile