07th May 2015

WebRTC enables online communication in real time between browsers and between browsers and mobile, allowing users to make calls from the browser itself by simply CLICKING A BUTTON! Enhancing it furthermore hSenid Mobile’s WebRTC API reveals  whole new dimensions for telco developers enabling customers to call directly from the website using TAP as a monetization strategy.

In this webinar Pasindu, one of our senior software engineers guides you in the process of understanding what webRTC is and its applicability to various incidents in our day to day life. He introduces the components of the API. Most importantly, Pasindu explains some of  the generic use cases where WebRTC is used and he further elaborates a chosen use case with regards to the hSenid Mobile WebRTC API.

Randula joins the introduction session with Pasindu and enhance more on the chosen use case. He demonstrates a sample app implemented using Java, and with that, he  describes the functioning of the API. Adding more value, Randula brings out the architectural functioning using diagrams. Sandarenu explains more about how hSenid Mobile WebRTC API works and its functionalities. Further she explains how it differs from other WebRTC APIs.


Randula Wijesinghe

Senior Software Engineer

hSenid Mobile

Chathurika Sandarenu

Software Architect

hSenid Mobile

Pasindu Jayawardena

Senior Software Engineer

hSenid Mobile