21st May 2014

How can you get people to pay for using your application? How can you attract an untapped market by allowing mobile payments as a payment option? What are some types of useful applications that can generate revenue enormously by enabling payments on them?

This webinar will focus how developers and businesses can benefit a great deal from adding mobile account (prepaid & postpaid) as a payment option for applications. Hasitha will explain the benefits and example business cases that are useful for developers when creating their applications. He will also explain how to use CaaS – Charging as a Service API of Dev Space to incorporate mobile payments. Dev Space CaaS API makes development of mcommerce applications very simple. Developers and SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) can now easily develop their desired mcommerce application with minimum time and enable mobile accounts to be used as a payment channel. Pasindu will do the coding session of a sample application. He will show how to develop an application where a customer can pay for his coffee via his mobile phone on his way to office and pick it at the coffee shop drive through without having to enter the shop or even take out his wallet to pay.


Hasitha Pullaperuma

Business Solutions Engineer

hSenid Mobile

Pasindu Jayawardene

Senior Software Engineer

hSenid Mobile